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Hey, all you lazy youkai and misc.   
02:58am 22/03/2006
  Help. Your incentive? A theif is a theif, you'll get everything else as long as I get what I need back.
I'm counting on you too, Marisa.
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10:20pm 20/03/2006
  Yukari tried to take my dango today, by way of her trademark method. She didn't do very well at being stealthy. Let's see... how many times is that Yukari tried to steal my snacks?  
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Not good   
02:27am 19/03/2006
  Lately I've been getting that feeling, again. The same feeling I got when someone tried to destroy the moon and someone tried to hide the moon and many someones tried to blow up my shrine multiple times. I'd like to hope I'm just wrong, but I know that isn't the case... Well, it's not like I have go through a long and arduous ordeal of preparing myself. I guess I should be glad for my intuition. Okay, well, maybe it's not that sharp. I didn't feel anything during the once-every-sixty-year gaudy nature recycling process. But considering it's essentially harmless, rather, the opposite, I think that's normal.

Anyway, something's up. I'm going to relax as hard as I can for the time being.
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12:25am 18/03/2006
  Shikieiki was the one who put the bag of rice in the offering box... came by the shrine today and told me she was trying to encourage me to straighten up and stuff.

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06:57am 16/03/2006
  I'm tired.  
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Ever heard of restraint?   
02:00pm 14/03/2006
  People drop by my shrine all the time. Although I don't know if I should call them respectable, or even people. It's a nuisance, considering all they do is sit around and play, as if my shrine is a daycare center. But when something happens to you about thousand times, you get used to it.
Marisa is a regular, I don't mind her at all. She says she'll come to the shrine, fine. She brings along with her a friend or two, fine. She wants to toy around with a few magical artifacts, fine. She brings a crowd with her along with a mountain of who knows what, as if she's planning to hold some grand festival at my shrine in broad daylight stretching all the way until past midnight? Not fine.
It was beyond my control, I was haggled into letting everybody use the shrine, fully knowing that doing so will repel more desirable visitors (and thus, donations). It was a party in every sense of the word, and for a moment I wanted to blow something up. It's not like I have a stick up my you-know-where, but think about my position, and recall your own experiences of what is required before, during, and after a party.
Well, it's not as if this happens every week. There's no reason to turn sour and completely ruin this for myself. I thought to myself that I might as well enjoy it while I could. And enjoy it I did, for about the first half at least. Some vampires came at around sunset and things got a little out of hand for a moment. But I have much experience in that field, so I cleaned it up in no time. There was a little something else, though, that made me want to restrict permission rights for shrine entry. Maybe I should toll certain people from now on, lest they run head on towards nice couple of giant exploding ying-yang balls.
What happened was typical of what you'd expect from young teenage humans with no sensibility, not hundred-year-old youkai. Someone put a little something in the refreshments. I don't know what it was, but there were quite the number of victims. A magical drug, I suppose. Unfortunately for me, I was one of them. And more misfortune, I don't remember what happened, my memory gets blurry after a certain point. From what I've heard, though, it's nothing nice. Quite the opposite. Bad enough that I still want to castrate the few that remembered.
I do have to thank Marisa for one thing, though. She cleaned up the place while I was unconscious for the night. And amazingly enough, nothing was taken. Or maybe there was nothing worth taking. But this doesn't change the fact that I'll jam a gohei down her throat if this happens again.
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Less of a Journal   
07:30am 13/03/2006
  Hello. The first entry isn't going to have anything of substance, because it's the first entry. One thing's for sure. I'll be sure to come to Rinnosuke's cafe when it's quiet.
Working on a layout is a pain, so I just picked and went.
This journal is going to be very boring. Don't bother reading it, I'm only going to transcribe things I feel like, and I won't feel like much.
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